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Android Vs iPhone App Development: Which is Best for Your Business?

February 5th, 2015

Smartphones are everywhere. Companies sell millions of them. People are always eager to buy the latest smartphones in the market. And they’re paying exorbitant amounts for these devices. Majority of mobile phones run on two platforms: Android and iOS. These operating systems are backed by Google and Apple respectively.

Considering that both the above stated platforms are popular all over the world. So, your mobile application should be aimed at these operating systems. But, both platforms differ in their approach and reach. And you need to understand the difference. Here, we will discuss the debatable issue of Android Vs iOS.


Understand Your Priorities:

The first thing is to understand your target audience. Of course, this is easier said than done.  But you still need to do a little home work. If your targeted audience comprises of Apple users, your best bet is iPhone App Development.  This is highly important in developing a successful mobile application.


Google Play Vs Apple Apps Store:

Both Android and iOS go neck-to-neck in terms of features. Both platforms boast of thousands of apps. However, they differ in their approach. Android continues to be fragmented.  Google is trying to deal with the issue. However, they have an uphill task ahead of them. On the other hand, Apple is safe from this problem. This explains the popularity of iPhone application development in the market.


Apple has a strict approach for publishing of apps. On the other hand, Google is a little lenient with its attitude. As a result, publishing an application on iOS is very difficult.


So, it can be conclude that both Android and iPhone app development is important. Both the platforms are highly important in the current scenario. And they’ll continue to dominate the future as well.  So, you need to plan your Mobile Application Development strategy accordingly.

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