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Top 10 Mobile Apps Popular Among Sonitek Web & UI Designers

March 11th, 2013

While on weekend meeting, our developers and project team leaders were exchanging their thoughts on some leading  mobile applications. During this meeting, we came to the conclusion that these mobile app can speed up designing & Developing tasks which are necessary for a company to deliver Design service at affordable rate. Our Designer team leader has shared his favorite applications which he use almost each days. We download those apps, analyses practical usages, UI experience & create deep insight report for each designer & developer of Sonitek company.

Let us allow to share selected mobile application which win our heart.  We believe that you will appreciate these interesting apps after reading the facts and advantages.

Have a look on some interesting and advance Mobile Applications.

WhatTheFont :  Quickly Reveal Font in Your Snap

WhatTheFont Mobile App to Know Font

In the world of fonts, we designers are aware of only few names of fonts, but by the assistance of WhatTheFont application, we easily find out name of different fonts. Within few seconds, we can easily recognize about the type of font that is displaying on mobile screen. Our developers use this application by wi-fi, but it also works through mobile phone network. The application allows user to make the fonts alive and impressive that touched heart. This advance application will not make you get bore in any manner.

PHP Cheat Sheet: Now never forget PHP functions and syntax

PHP Cheat Sheet Iphone Application

Most of the time, we face problem in tracing the desired address or resource that have already accessed or read earlier. But with the PHP Cheat Sheet, one can comfortably resolve the problem of tracing desired function through this app interface. While using these applications we came to know about a number of functions that compelled to say wow. Some of them include File Handling, Errors, File System, Filter, Math, MySQL, SimpleXML, String, XML Zip, FTP, HTTP, Libxml, Mail and many more. Both experienced & fresher developers, can easily use this app as quick reference notes. Good news for people is that PHP cheat sheet available in Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, users.

Quark DesignPad : Creators of QuarkExpress

Quark DesignPad - Its Easy to Create Grid-based Design

Whenever our clients ask developer team leader for advance layout, his first preference is always go for Quark DesignPad app. He always admires this app because it is easy in use and helps to craft the imagination in unique manner. Its, never easy to control & design grid based layout. But this wonderful app gives power to easily create grid base design & bestows the user to style page layout with pictures and text in it.

Color Thief:  - Inspire Designer to Steal Color Ideas

Color Thief - A Must App for Every Designer

People who are looking for a magical tool for colors, their search gets end at Color Thief application which is available for various gadgets. Color Thief render user to cleverly steal color from an image to filter another pick. User can easily access to infinite range of filters to match the mood of image with another impressive design. Don’t worry it is quite user-friendly.

iMockups: Sketch Your Web Application Mockups 

iMockups mobile app for iPad on iTunes - Each Developer can create Mockups

iMockups enable our designers and developers (definitely, it help you) to comfortably and quickly draft wire frames for their websites and apps. Its smooth and nice interface, allows user to create interactive prototypes. With its intuitive UX feature, people can easily focus on a site’s foundations. It is found a perfect application for multiple projects and manage them comfortably from project view.

Dropbox : A perfect way to share content

Dropbox  - Mobile App for Exchanging Product Snaps Between Client & Web Design Company

Our smart clients share their product images through Dropbox app (Mac and window user) between PCs, Macs and iPads. One can easily access those images and details of changes that are asked by the clients. Dropbox also allow sharing the heavy documents files to each team member of a project. It is a perfect alternative of sharing content.

Flipboard:  Beautify Your Design world

Flipboard Mobile App for iPhone Android Platform

Being a social magazine application Flipboard enables people to read magazine all through their way. The application is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. One can enjoy the day-to- day news and great moments at one place with this nicely designed advance application. One shall try it once, it will surely offer a good experience to you.

FormIt: A free and dynamic application of iPad

Autodesk's Formit iPad Apps bring Mobile Architectural Modeling

FormIt create and collaborates, the design concept professionally through Autodesk, like the 3D design company behind 3D tools Maya and 123D Catch. Building Information Modeling (BIM) feature supports the stages of project in a perfect way. It allows user to avail followup actions like sending an email.

Adobe Photoshop touch

Adobe Photoshop touch is a wonderful application to explore and play with imagination as it let you combine image quickly with professional touch. The results can be easily shared with friends and family through social networking sites. The application is available for all iPad or Android tablet, iPhone or Android phone, and iPod Touch. Be advance in the hi-tech world by using the renowned and easy application.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser android app provide awesome browsing experience

Relish the best browser experience through Dolphin browser application that has number of features. The quick access render user to share the web content instantly to the desired social networking website, mobile devices, desktop etc. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the application and its features. Make your mobile life easy and enjoyable.

Being gadget freak, we always check out the latest apps that keeps us up-to-date in fast pace and advance lifestyle. Some of the above applications that we reviewed in past few days, are quite advance and it will surely become a dream of every gadget freak.