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Standardize Quality of Content and Eliminate Keyword Stuffing

November 20th, 2013

Search engine optimization since its inception has seen a lot of changes and development till date and among various developments, Hummingbird and local search optimizations are latest developments that have came into existence. Secondly, these days, the professionals are enjoying using “search tool” – a new tool in their seo practices by which the experts are obtaining several benefits at local search practices. Hummingbird algorithm has come up with an objective to provide results on long tail keywords instead of short keywords.  As a result, Google again have an eye on keyword, quality content and many other aspects related to blog, article etc.

As we all know, content and keywords in SEO practice plays a vital role. Therefore most of the professionals and content writers focus on their target keywords to rank their websites up. But, the fact is totally different from the current practice that is going on. Google doesn’t considers the blog and articles which is purely focused and based on keyword stuffing, its waste or you can say “Good for Nothing” material for search engines. As a result, it is advised to all seo professionals to use quality content which is based on meaningful topic rather than on keywords.

Writers must think over the topic and accordingly frame the entire write-up. The topic and content must be relevant to each other along with 2% of keyword density. This way a content quality is being judged by most of the keen professionals of SEO. Now, you might be thinking why a balanced content is required, when ranking is based on keywords? Well, in earlier times there is a misconception among seo professionals that quality content must have good number of keywords in a single write- up which is totally wrong. Now days, the trend has changed due to several penguin, panda updates, algorithms and as a result quality content and balanced keyword is major concern of professionals.

An overstuffed content not only irritates the reader or search engine but it even takes the content off the track. Whereas the relevant and quality content catches the attention of readers, get several likes, comments, traffic, feedback etc that boosts the link wherever it is placed. Looking at these benefits it is advised to implement the latest updates or changes made by Google on your content strategies to get effective results. Be focused on quality of content and relevancy rather than its keyword, implement it and you will surely see positive results.

CTR – Rank Is Good But Still No Traffic!!

October 26th, 2013

Holding a good position or ranking on a search engine is quite appreciable and good for business but, what happens if “Rank Is Good But Still No Traffic”. Traffic means visits, if a website doesn’t get traffic it certainly means it is losing its business. Sometimes people get shocked to know that even after getting a good rank on search engines they are not getting visits, this falls into click through rate (CTR). This eventually can make anybody shocked. Well if “Rank Is Good but Still No Traffic”, this happens due to several reasons but it can be improved by improving CTR.

What is CTR?

CTR is a measurement of how many times a link is clicked when it appears on a search engine results page. A CTR is calculated by dividing the number of times a link appears on a serp by number of times it is clicked by visitors. The higher a CTR of a website means the more visitors are looking on the page or visiting the page. Higher traffic led to create the possibility to convert the traffic into visits and certainly brings business for businessmen.  Improving CTR will eventually help the business to generate as much traffic as possible.

Factors to improve CTR are:

Page title & Meta description: In order to display complete content, the page title should be limited to 70 characters but best would be to wrap-up till 65 whereas the Meta description is limited up to 156 characters for the same reason. For both of these aspects, the writer must be focused on their keywords. It must be like call-to-action and compelling.

Branding: Try to become a brand name in your industry and make competitors envy on you. It is a fact that people are more likely to believe on brand’s quality rather than any inexpensive and same sort of service provider. People particularly prefer quality, which certainly comes from a brand. Therefore, it is important to have good branding among your potential customers. You can use your brand name in Meta description or page description.

Use markup: Sometimes ago a markup was introduced which helps the professionals to keep an eye on the details of their Website. By observing the current status of website the professionals can find the loopholes in their business and can make sure to get the best result through various activities related to seo. Google consider this markup and other efforts of businessmen to increase your CTR significantly.

These factors will surely bring effective result to businessmen. It even helps you to have good rank along with good traffic. So, improve your CTR and enjoy good business. Many people are wondering that Guest blog is enough to divert traffic or its just a way of link building?