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Hummingbird Google’s New Most Effective Update

September 30th, 2013

For last two-three months, there are many ups and downs have seen in search engines as a result the ranking of each website were fluctuating badly.  Even after lots of experiments and research the experts didn’t get the reason that why the rankings are not stable. Though the rumors were there that soon Google is coming up with new update but nobody has the clue that what it will be.

With the passing time, on 26th September 2013, Google has officially announced the new “Hummingbird” search algorithm update on its 15th anniversary. The senior vice president of Google announced the new update and said it is the revised version of Caffeine update to index websites more smartly. It is live and especially designed to handle complex queries of the user. The silent shift to a “new algorithm” is gift to everyone who mostly get indulge with comprehensive or complex queries and rumor of new update got true.

Caffeine index analyzes the web in small portions and update the search index on a frequent basis, globally. In simple words you can say, Caffeine is the new web indexing system.  The motive of this new indexing is to provide fresh results within short span of time (few seconds). It offers 50 percent fresher results for Web Searches than our last index.

Working process of Caffeine / Important elements of Caffeine

  • Caffeine process more than thousands of pages in parallel in every second and if this were a pile of paper it would get expand three miles taller.
  • About 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database is obtained Caffeine and it adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day.
  • 625,000 of the largest iPods are needed to store that much information and if these were stacked they would go for more than 40 miles.

Now, the Google’s new update Hummingbird is some what related to the Caffeine process in an innovative manner and made the complex search queries easier by relevant results of search engine. Hummingbird update will surely meet the need of users and provide fresh and relevant content quickly for good user experience.

Drive Traffic with Google Analytics Reports

August 30th, 2013

To drive traffic on your website is not easy for sure but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. With an advent of Google analytics businessmen can lead their business smoothly. It is a free hosted service that empowers business owner and marketers to understand visitor behavior and generate a higher ROI on marketing initiatives. It is fully integrated in Google AdWords and available free for website owner and marketers also.

Google analytics allows the website owner to check from where their visitors are coming and engaging. It even let you know it they immediately leaves the page. Through this tracking and checking advantage of Google analytics, businessmen can set their target goal and keep a check where visitors are meeting those goals or not? In this way you can improve the faults of your website and can generate huge traffic on it.

Social Media Traffic

Google analytics enables website owner to fix a specific measures to study the traffic of your social media traffic. Be it any of the social networking Website Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the tool allows you to keep a check and encourage traffic. It will help you to understand and find which social media platform is beneficial in generating traffic on it.

Social Conversions

Google Analytics is an efficient tool which is not just limited to measuring the web traffic on a particular website but it even allows the user to go beyond it. You just need to access “Google Analytics Social Reports” and you are capable to narrow down your most productive social media channel in terms of converting actual web sales.

Content Experiments – A need

Use content experiments to increase the traffic. By the help of Google Analytics’ built in “Experiments toolset” you are allowed to compare the results, response and engagement that has done in different content types and combinations receive.

It is important to understand the experiments and its comparison as it will help the businessmen to determine which experience is boosting the traffic and which is lacking behind. Through experiments and comparison professionals can easily decide which kind of strategy should adopt to generate more traffic and business to the website.

One must follow all these strategies to generate or drive more traffic to the website and get best results through this effective tool. Smart and appropriate usage of Google analytics will surely provide best result.