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Panda Update – A Hidden Mystery

July 22nd, 2013

Google Panda – a well –known name in internet world, it is a change done to Google’s algorithm for better search results rankings. It was introduced in the year 2011 in USA. This change was done to decrease the rank of low quality sites and enable good quality sites to perform better and get good rank in the search results.
The Panda detects low quality website based on some factors that include spam text, content plagiarism, content duplication, irrelevant content or unmanaged content. Websites that are suffered from these factors bear the penalty or suffers from lowered search engine ranking results.
Google Panda has affected the low quality websites and its business badly, but on the other hand Google brought some suggestion by its blog providing them instructions in analyzing their website’s quality. It brought a list of 23 points that help the business people to determine what makes a high quality site.
Since 2011 till date, Google Panda introduced several updates such as follow:

• 24 Feb 2011
• 11 April 2011
• 10 May 2011
• 16 June 2011
• 23 July 2011
• 12 August 2011
• 28 Sept 2011
• 9th Oct 2011
• 13th Oct 2011
• 20th Oct 2011
• 18th Nov 2011
• 15th Jan 2012
• 28th Feb 2012
• 23rd March 2012

• On 24th April 2012, a penguin web-spam update came into existence and afterwards few smaller updates come across (both panda and penguin) and continued till 21st December 2012.

• Among all small updates, the journey of effective updates has started from 5th November 2012 onward and till date it is continued. In this update 1.1 % of search result was based on language queries in US and 0.4 % worldwide.

• On 21st November 2012, 0.8% of English-language queries; search result was based on language queries and 0.4% worldwide.
• Lastly on 21st December 2012, the last update of the year came across. In this update 1.3% of English language affected and officially confirmed as refresh.

• With the beginning of 2013, on 22nd January 2013 an update came into existence later on 15th March 2013 and the latest one is 22nd May 2013 (Penguin “2.0″ or “#4″ update)

Each of these update has different requirement which keeps the Google search result more effective and updated. Some business might get benefit with these updates or some may have bad experience as well, but it doesn’t mean Google Panda updates are only fearsome, it’s somehow beneficial for users, Online Marketing and business. You can also say Google Panda updates are hidden mystery as nobody can predict that “what will be next?”.

Development, growth and improvement are some of the essential requirements through which the business runs beneficially which comes from day to day change which is so called “updates”. Likewise Google Panda updates also has the same motto to keep the algorithm updated with the changing scenario for better search engine result and rankings which directly and indirectly benefits the users and business.

Why You Need Search Marketing Agency?

July 12th, 2013

Marketing is just like the backbone for any enterprise and almost every successful businessman believe on this concept. You might have produced the best product for your customers but if it is not marketed well then the target goal of reaching the height will be zero. Marketing in today’s tough and competitive era has become quite important than ever before. Only having online presence is not enough especially if your business in online. You must need to take the assistance of Search Marketing Agency. Search marketing agency adopts the procedure of search engine marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing is a kind of digital marketing that provides you highly targeted traffic to your website via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The Search engine agency adopts a number of strategies of SEM to give status to your website. Search marketing agency assures their customers to bring maximum profit.

Some of the benefits brought by search marketing agency for your business are:

• The agency will help you to run your advertisement throughout the year without paying hefty amount.

• According to conventional market strategies, the search marketing agency charges less to promote business on global screen.
• Generate more traffic on your website.

• Build stronger brand awareness for your company by which the revenue goes up.

• The planned marketing strategy will assist you to get targeted leads to your website, which eventually translates to more sales.

• Advantage over the competitors for long run is possible.

• Enhance the visibility and ranking from earlier stage.

• Number of clicks in a day will make you and your business smile.

• Save time and money without damaging the business image.

It may sound ironic but a search marketing agency definitely helps you to save money. You must take the assistance of experts in search marketing as you will get desirable results at affordable budget in less time. Putting your own efforts to get the best results will take much time and trial or error in between the process will spoil all efforts and you will need to pay more attention to get back the position. Taking assistance of the search marketing agency will be the right decision for the establishment of your website and more profit, clicks and popularity.