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Ethics at its Best at Sonitek International

June 28th, 2014

In the race of life and cut-throat competition many businessmen forget their humanity and follow bad ethics. The concentrated focus of such people is to win the race and reach the top position adopting any way they can. To achieve their goals they even become mean professionals who don’t even think about other’s well-being. You might have seen many such people around you who even get jealous of your success. However, in reality and in the long run, this kind of an attitude towards life & work does not work. To become a successful businessman, a professional must play all the roles of his life keeping competitiveness & good ethics balanced with each other.

Sonitek International at every stage consults and recommends their clients on what may be the best way forward in setting up or growing their client’s businesses. A lot of young entrepreneurs often approach Sonitek with their unique concepts and business ideas to create a platform on web & mobile. Our approach at Sonitek is not only to win the business but closely work with the client in setting up a strategy & plan for their business venture with our products & services.

A client had commented in one of their interactions with the owner of Sonitek, Mr. Sushan Soni as:

“…his word is “Gold” &I trust his word. – Cellularshack“

Here’s a quick ‘behind the curtain’ story for this client – Cellular shack.

Cellular shack had approached Sonitek International with their ecommerce website project and wanted the assistance to make it a big success. As Sonitek understands the hard work& limited budget that goes behind every new venture, instead of ignoring the customer and saying no to their project, the professionals of the company understood the entire project, their vision & targeted customers and extended their consultation to each aspect of their business operation based on the experience they hold being in the industry for over two decades.

In this way, the company helped this client – Cellular Shack to grow and develop in this competitive market and eventually become a strong contender for their competitors. The client understood and was immensely impressed with the entire assistance and thereafter wrote this review in one of their email communications.

I would like to say that sometimes winning a business for money is not everything but guiding the clients and sharing the experience being in the industry for so many year sis the right ethics of doing business.

I feel proud to be an employee of Sonitek International and learn each day and follow good ethics in business dealings.

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