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How to Grow Twitter Followers?

August 6th, 2013

Followers are important for any kind of online business, this is a very common thing that every businessman knows about it, but how to grow Twitter followers is the big question for small business. After a deep research, we as market researchers have come up with some tactics that will eventually help to increase the Twitter followers. The tactics are further divided into two parts “things that you can do online and things that you can do offline”.
Online tactics

Promote yourself on twitter. It provides solutions for promoting your tweets, promoting your profile, or promoting trends.

Run a contest: Be creative and offer a unique prize that draws the attention of most of the followers and even new followers as well.

Guest blogging: An interesting and eye-catching guest blog will help you to get good number of followers. If the blog is liked by readers the link posted on the blog will take the reader on your Twitter profile. This helps to increase your twitter followers.

Twitter widget: The twitter widget on LinkedIn will help you to display your current tweets. Widget is found as the best resource for the followers.

Video Tutorial: People love to watch video to learn something new instead of learning from written notes or guidelines. Video tutorial on most searchable search engines will help you to find lots more followers. It is a big source of exposure for your business.
Offline tactics

Speaking at conference: Speaking about your products and services in press conference is an effective way to grab attention and increase twitter followers.

Radio interview: Radio interview is also found as one of the best mediums to openly talk about the product/services and reaches to the large target audience.

Conduct debate: A debate and its report always perform well in gaining attention. Therefore you must conduct a debate on your twitter account.

Newspaper interview: Newspaper interview is another source that covers and reaches a large number of masses. As people are more interested in knowing the opinion of the interviewee therefore a newspaper interview is the best way to express the business motto and opinion to gather lots more attention.

Advertisement: The big size advertisement in newspaper will help to catch the attention of target customers.

These online and offline tactics will surely help the small businessman to grow their twitter followers. One can implement few of them in accordance of the preference to check the better results.

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