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Keep Distance from Black Hat SEO

March 28th, 2014

To obtain high class results on your site through SEO technique you must not forget to have patience as it is the only way to find the best results. Otherwise the professional will start using the Black Hat SEO to meet client’s need. It is an unethical and illegal way to bring top class results on search engine optimization and make customers happy from this. Are you shocked by knowing this black hat SEO? Well, it is a true fact that customers who start pressurizing the professionals to bring effective results on their website swiftly then, those professionals are left with only unethical techniques. Through unethical way, professionals bring quick result but once its expectancy and impact are just for few months. Once the ranking of the website gets down then it becomes really a tough chore to bring at least minimum ranking.

Here are some black Hat SEO techniques such as follows:

Link-exchanges: Google is against the link exchanges activity as it prefers natural link building so, don’t do this mistake as it may create trouble for the site in other way.

Link Farms: A large number of links placed on the website is not appropriate from Search Engine Optimization point of view but to generate high traffic on site a number of hyperlinks are placed on various sites for link popularity. As per Google’s point of view this kind of activity can be traced out easily and get penalized too.

Duplicate Content: Professionals who uses duplicate content or spin content for the site will not get good ranking at any cost, even after following good techniques.

Over optimization: Over optimization of a site may bring ranking for a while but it is temporary and it can’t be treated as natural optimization as a result, at some point of time the ranking can badly get down.

Hidden Text: In order to stuff some keywords on a site in hidden form is like good for nothing as we as human being can’t find a text with a same color on a same background but Google Bots are enough smart to find out even a small error on the site so, it is advised to do not practice this activity.

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