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Must Have SEO Elements in Newly Designed Website

March 31st, 2014

Gone are the days, when website designers and developers just have a motive to design a superb website as per client’s requirements but in today’s time SEO has an important factor for website designers. It becomes one of the important needs to be focus as search engine optimization is the only way to boost the business of the client. The experts need to work hard on some of the essential sections of the SEO that can be helpful for website promotion that are mentioned below:

Edit Meta tags and content

Meta tags are the best way to provide information to webmasters and search engines about the website. It helps the professionals to get all kinds of information of the website. The system processes just understand the Meta tags and leave rest of the information. The content for the website must be unique, informative and qualitative along with right adjustment of Meta Tags.

Add sitemap. Xml

It is important to have sitemap. Xml for website as it enables search engine spiders and visitors of the site to find the entire content of the site. It even displays the website’s central content themes.

Add webmaster tools

To get important and wealth of information right from Google, professionals need to ass webmaster tool as it provide detailed information to the SEO professional such as errors of website, set site defaults, bring traffic and impressions of sites, analyze Meta Descriptions and Title Tags, manage site links and enhance 404 error pages.

Social bookmarking

For better blog optimization, it is necessary to add social bookmarking option on the website. The designers must add this element in the website. Add website pages on Social bookmarking sites including Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon sites offer readers the chance to share your site to their bookmarking account.


Adding a page of Facebook is must for the website designer as this social networking media page enables the website to receive a lot of praises and promotion through sharing, reviews, likes etc.

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