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VAMS Canada: An Excelling Website Set Up by Sonitek Canada

March 18th, 2015


VAMS CANADA Web Design by Sonitek

VAMS Canada is a prominent importer, wholesaler & distributor in Canada, United States and the Caribbean islands.  The company sells high-quality garments, such as belts, socks, shirts, t-shirts, tops, sports coats, etc.  They provide private labeled garments, corporate attires and related products for resale in the market.  It also provides its own line of clothing.


The company is committed to providing high quality products in the market. It is also engaged in finding innovative strategies for the industry.  The company is acclaimed for its customer-centric policies.


Sonitek is proud to be associated with this E-commerce venture and help this reputed company accomplish its goals. Our developers have done a great job in creating a simplistic yet impactful layout. Our Web Design Services in Toronto is known for creating such terrific designs. You should check out more screen shots of this site.

Why Mobile Marketing is demand of Current Market

March 17th, 2015

The emergence of numerous high tech and advance mobile phones and Smartphone diminishing the use of laptop, palmtop and desktop as easy access to internet is available in advance handsets. The demand of user friendly and high tech handset is in trend these days which has increased the mobile marketing in current market.

The advance mobile networks and Smartphone have brought number of mobile and Smartphone options for consumers which eventually make them confuse. Thus the marketers are promoting each product amazingly to increase its sale and revenue which results a huge boom in mobile marketing.

To make the existence and demand constant in market, marketers of advance mobile phones are coming up with new ideas and strategies to beat the competition of mobile marketing trend. As the small business marketing trend is changing constantly thus mobile marketing strategies are becoming as important as traditional online marketing is. Therefore in 2013, mobile marketing strategies are even more important than ever before.

The effective Mobile Marketing strategies will enable marketers to have position in front of their competitors are as follows:
Mobile website conversion: Most of the businesses have websites, blogs and online stores that support the mobile devices. Thus to get an attractive mobile web design will be costly and not even a good idea as well. However, it is possible to convert your existing website into a mobile enabled Website which is cheap and reliable. It reduces the process of converting your existing site into a mobile site with few clicks as no experience is required.

Marketing with mobile coupons: Discount and sales coupons are the perfect way to grab attention of customers for shopping in your store. You must provide the coupons on Smartphone and other mobile devices as it is the perfect solution for businesses looking to put their coupons in the hands of customers. You can even email the coupons as they can access emails via their mobile phones.

App store marketing: Promoting a small business via an app on various stores will be difficult. Your application must have high rank so that it can easily get download from any of the stores. The more your application will be downloaded the more your app will get popularity and it is the sign that your small business is attaining high trust from its customers.

These effective strategies will surely help the business owner to earn reward and revenue at the same time in high rise mobile marketing competition.