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Reduce Bounce Rate with Simple and Effective Techniques

May 15th, 2014

Bounce Rate is one of the SEO terms which acts as a nightmare to most of the SEO professionals. Bounce rate is a rate of percentage of visitors who leave your blog after visiting the page. The lower the bounce rate, the higher the quality of the blog or website is considered to be. To keep this rate lower is one of the biggest challenges for any SEO providing companies. The professionals need to reduce the bounce rate of the blog for the betterment of the website as well as the business. The bounce rate of the site engages more number of visitors to the site which eventually brings good results and new leads. This can be achieved by performing various techniques such as the following:

Quality Content:The experts must have quality content on the website which keeps the interest in the readers to stay on the site. Quality Content of a website leaves a lasting impression on their visitors. If the message is conveyed to the site visitors quickly & easily, there are greater chances to convert them into actual customers. Apart from this, a quality content of the website adds to the authenticity and reputation of a company.

Appealing Format: The blog content of the website must be in an appealing format with quality pictures as “a picture is worth a thousand words”.The appealing format of the blog promises to leave a lasting impression on the visitors as well.

Reduce load time: As there will be visitorsaccessing your Blog from various devices & platforms over the internet, the internet speeds available to them will be different as well. Therefore to provide best user experience it is necessary to reduce load time of the blog. The quicker the blog post gets loaded,the higher the satisfaction level of the visitor will be.

Each of these simple but effective steps will be quite helpful in reducing the bounce rate of the blog. It will be helpful in engaging the target customers with the brand or company and eventually bring good results to the website.

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