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Role of Infographics and How Efficiently It Works For You

June 4th, 2014

In today’s fast-pace lifestyle, a human being on an average day absorbs about 10 Giga Bytes of data daily which includes information through reading your morning newspaper, by watching tv, listening to radio, reading traffic signals & signs, working in the office, even while cooking the dinner at home.This databeing dry, un-engaging, repetitive or difficult to understand, is often ignored by us.

Infographics – as the name suggests, is a creative combination of conveying these set of data by means of a graphical representation. However, there is no set rules to create an infographic representation, the key factor that is considered by the experts is ‘to get the message across that can be understood by the viewers in the simplest and easiest way possible’.

The first step includes the process of narrowing down the raw data to its core message that needs to be represented by means of infographics. A brief storylinethat is memorable & entertaining add-on to the interactivity factor and engages the viewers for a longer time. The design is equally important where an extra depth or visual appeal is added to the infographics making it stand-out from the usual flat representation of graphical data.

The basic concept of a typical infographic representation should follow the ‘N.A.U.R’ formula:

N – NEED to convey the message

Your message that needs to be conveyed should closely match with what the viewers would ‘want’ to see

A – APPEAL to the viewers

This reduces the bounce rates and keeps the viewers engaged for a longer time


The infographics should be represented in a way that is easy & quick to grasp the message


An excellent infographics should leave an imprint in the minds of the viewers who remember the message for a longer period

Based on the statistics provided by major search engines, the interest for the infographics over time has increased by huge margins, both from an enterprise’s point of view which has resulted in an increased interactivity as well as their viewers. Since the message is primarily conveyed by means of a graphical representation, often, the language barrier is broken giving the enterprise an opportunity to get a worldwide coverage. The capacity of the infographics to be easily sharable across all social media platforms, helps in making them viral and reaching more viewers.

The infographics are certainly the way forward when it comes to visualizing the plain raw data with the potential to pass on the message to the viewer – quickly, easily & effectively.

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