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Mobile Application importance for my Friends, Clients & Big Companies

January 28th, 2012

Mobile Application

Each day my friends spends lots of time on finding latest, helpful mobile application. Application help them (or me also) to pursuit daily home & office task more effectively. Friends who enjoying top manager position, use Team Management tools – Huddle, Teamly etc. Those who want to communicate in fun & simple ways use Skype, Voice Broadcast, HeyTell and more. Most of my friends loves WhatsApp application because it allows them to send each other unlimited images, video, audio media messages, without spending a penny. These mobile application are popular because it gives you new compelling experience & help you to establish consistent communication and also cost-effective. If you want to increase your friends list & also like to comment on latest post immediately then use Facebook for iPhone , Flickr for the iPhone, HomeBase for iPhone, LinkedIn for iPhone

Word Famous Brands

Most of clients demand to create application for Business, Finance, GPS navigation, Geo-tagging, Travel & improve Productivity. Big or small company owner realize where world is moving. Now they know a new platform shift is taking place in whole world, from web to mobile. Now businessmen knows Mobile Application will help them to improve productivity of their companies. New Application tools gives power of control, flexibility to top IT executives. Now our customers tells us – Mobile application help them to Boost in productivity & revenue. Now clients understand how customized, cross-platform mobile app (android, iphone, blackberry) application help their company to achieve quartly revenue target. Mobile application help their companies to achieve tremendous synergy between different organizations, different clients, different management levels. Few famous existing mobile app to improve productivity & functionality - Whiteboard Capture, Evernote, Mindjet & iShare, Pay Anywhere ( new mobile credit card reader ), Square ( old & most popular mobile credit card reader ).

Following news will strength the point – How much Big companies desperate to grab Lion share of mobile app !

Hewlett-Packard Co. said – it’s making its web OS mobile system available as open-source software with hope that more web OS based Mobile Apps will be developed

Yahooo Challenges with Mobile Publishing Tools Live stand app – A Big effort to make Big place into mobile publishing world

Purchase premium games, apps, and other content from the Nokia Store using Telco’s automated billing system, Globe subscribers

Viggle mobile app grants credit for watching TV