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Most Effective Responsive Website Design Testing Tools

August 27th, 2013

web design testing tools

Nowadays, Responsive web design has come into existence and has become quite popular among all designers and developers. While designing a website, designers are not sure about its overall look that how it will look great at all screen sizes? To know how the newly designed website will look great at all screen is best to have a set of tool to help you in designing a responsive website. Therefore, the developers have come up with some interesting testing tools that help the designers to check the overall look on different platform and screen sizes.

Here is a list of some excellent and most effective website design testing tools: is a popular testing tool that enable designers to test the website in more than 15 smartphone and 12 tablet devices including HTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Apple, Samsung,and many more. You will get an exact look of the website in actual devices. You can even have the option to rotate and view the website in different angles be it landscape or portrait.


Responsivepx works on both local or online what you need to do is to enter any URL to your website. It controls to adjust the width and height of your viewport to find exact breakpoint widths in pixels. To create a Responsive Design, use that information in your media queries.


Responsivator is a website that helps the designers to check how pages will look on screen sizes. It allows the professionals to check the website on 7 different screen sizes.

Responsive Design Bookmarket

On Responsive Design Bookmarket professionals just need to do visit any responsive website and click on the RWD Bookmarklet link. It will allow you to select the resolutions for your viewability. It even allows the user to view the websites in any size and resolution.


Resizer is again a wonderful tool that empowers designers to change the dimensions of your webpage on instant basis. It works efficiently after getting installed. Just visit the website you want to test and use it.

Cyber crab

Cyber crab is a perfect tool for you to check the website at different screen resolutions. This online tool has the ability to test your responsive website.

StudioPress Responsive Testing Tool

StudioPress is a useful testing tool that will show your website on different sizes in single screen. It will even show your website’s design on mobiles, tablet and many more devices. You are allowed to view your website’s layout on different browsers also.

The major role of these testing tool is to provide the exact look of the website on different gadgets as a result more or less each of these tool performs the same and give appropriate result.