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Top 10 Facebook Landing Page Examples & Facebook Marketing Tips

February 7th, 2012

Facebook once again is highlight of lots of newspaper. According to bloomberg , Facebook is preparing the ground for an initial public offering in May to raise $5 billion. Its World’s Largest IPO of an Internet company. Facebook which valued around $100 billion & proud to being trusted by 800 million users. Zuckerberg (age 27) following Google’s business strategy who raised $1.9 billion in 2004. Lets see how dimension change after IPO being launch. Google+ fail to compete with Facebook force. Let’s see what is the new business strategy of Google ?

But we or our clients are not worried – How much Facebook raised through IPO ?. We are worried – How to Create Stunning, innovative, creative, stand-apart Facebook Landing Page. Customized landing tab gives you power to increase conversions from your fan page. We will talk about Brands who successfully engage with customers & drive great results using interactive Facebook landing Page.

Now we try to find most beautiful Facebook Landing Page Designs & which Facebook Marketing strategy to use to raise revenue of our clients.


  • Airplane moving from Right to left – A simple but effective animation effect
  • Deal Chaser find new local deals everyday on basis of their likes & interest on Facebook
  • A City background with Blue, white & Green Color combination

Facebook Landing Page Design Groupon

Mountain Dew

  • Give Option to download Customized Dew Skin without paying a penny
  • Free Customized Free Dew Skin
  • Successfully create new experiences for fan base
  • Encourage People to take part in Company’s brand’s Development effort

Facebook Landing Page Design Mountain Dew

National Geographic

  • Tap into People minds with Amazing Nature Pictures
  • Inspire People to Donate Money
  • Divide whole layout into section – What We Are, What We’re Doing, Where You Can Find Us, How to Get Involved
  • Perfectly show their Core Mission – educating, entertaining, and inspiring people about world around us

Facebook Landing Page Design National Geographic


  • Give Platform to See Interactive Demo of New Product
  • Give Chance to Win New Product through – LIKE OUR PAGE AND ENTER THE CONTEST
  • Use Bright Color on Facebook Brand Page which closely related to Products
  • All in one place – Next-generation Device & Great User Experience
  • Some interesting stuff to watch everyday- WATCH “THE LITTLE AMAZING SHOW”

Facebook Landing Page Design Nokia


  • Platform for People Looking for offers on their areas – Enter your zip code for local news and Offers
  • Use YouTube as marketing channel -FreshBuzz YouTube Videos
  • Option to Deliver Gifts to Friends – Give Tastefully
  • Give Offer to deliver Gift exclusive to Facebook fans

Facebook Landing Page Design Subway


  • Quick & Easy Recipes from the People – Very handy app
  • Organizes & Publish Content in Social Networks Relevant to Common Users
  • Remember latest upcoming event, festival – Tell us your best Valentine’s recipes for under $10.
  • Create connections between people, topics, products and events

Facebook Landing Page Design Walmart

Google Chrome

  • Show Product Features using simple, Eye Catchy Icons
  • Always give option to Download your App at Upper Header section

Facebook Landing Page Design Google Chrome

Facebook Landing Page Design Coach

Adobe Systems

Facebook Landing Page Design Adobe


Facebook Landing Page Design Dell


Facebook Landing Page Design Disneyland

What Facebook campaign do you like Most? Tell me !