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Latest Google Algorithm Force SEO Companies to Go Beyond Limitation – Sonitek

February 21st, 2013

Post Panda & Penguin Algorithm update, many SEO experts have started feeling helpless & clueless. We also witness that few SEO consultants lost their voice & had no answers of What to do or what not to do.

Few famous SEO techniques which most Companies have applied for Recovery

  • Stop associating website with unrelated & bad websites
  • Push Link Building team to create Authority links
  • Read each web page content & remove low quality web pages
  • Stop thinking about keyword stuffing
  • Stop creating articles on almost same topic
  • Remove Thin Repetitive content ( Maybe your Content Writers can get angry)
  • Submit bad links into Google webmaster Tool for removal
  • Stop paying more money for paid link schemes
  • Catch your time machine, go to history & Remove Paid links
  • Save your website’s link juice by stop supporting unrelated companies

We see that SEO experts were waiting for forgiveness from Google just like a victim. But few lucky websites feel the blessing of Search engine God – Google. Those websites who have recovered from Google Penalty, again started enjoying revenue rain.

While SEO experts were busy to create natural links & recover their websites, Google engineers were busy to build another big algorithm change. It seems Google engineers never sleep. Google launching one missile after another missile – Panda #24 &  Feb 2013 Algorithm, Panda #25. Now question revolve into Our mind – what is best for each in-house & Outsource SEO projects. Either they should stop building every kind of back-links & wait for natural links or think beyond limitation.

Lets find out SEO Techniques beyond Simple Link Building Team Capabilities

Infographic : Hire a graphic designer expert who have capability to create outstanding image around theme of Content provided by your Content Writer. Submit those Infographic into famous infographic directories with a nice & engaging story. Do not forget to mention your company url.

Videos : Now its time to recruit a new guy who have experience in Adobe After Effect & other . Create a good storyline, build some interesting characters to present your service into interesting way. After that you will need to create a  video marketing strategy . Sorry to not providing deep insight information about strategy steps & Web based video marketing. We will talk about it later.

Guest Blogging : Every SEO Experts aware about Guest Blogging. Now its time to reconsider it &think about it seriously. We feel sad when we read thin content, poor quality content on lots of websites which are being posted by SEO company with intention to build authority links

Employees Websites : Its time to prove that your Company is not fake. Your company have wide experienced & trustworthy employees which can easily fulfill customers expectation.

Face of Your Company : Who is owner of your company ? Google+ profile help you to show it & create a transparency environment. So now everybody know who is responsible for your service, who post informative blog posts. It is good code of practice to provide responsible service to users.

Blog Post with informal tone : How to provide high value to your customers ? One answer of this question is Blog Post. It is not a new SEO technique. But what is new about it – Forget about Search Engine, Only remember what your customers demand.

Google demands natural links, links which are hard to build, reference links from other website content posts, links from Social media profiles, links nobody can buy, links which support good reputation of your company, links which present your company as a Brand.

Forget old days when few link building member can push your website upwards. Google wants that each company give “value” to their visitors & keep their focus on their Customers, not on Search Engine. Google giving high reward to those companies whose employees are helping people to find solution through post on forums, blogs, industry related question-and-answer websites. Latest Google Algorithm keep eye on how you implement your link building strategies – Is it natural or unnatural building techniques.