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Responsive Web Design: Points To Make Your Design Different

November 13th, 2013

Every entrepreneur is looking for an effective and responsive web design for their business. The reason behind adopting RWD concept is to provide mobile experience to their customers. Due to the rising demand of Responsive website design the competition has grown up rapidly therefore, these days the businessmen are keen interested to have RWD for their better business aspect.  Because of the high demand of RWD there is a tough competition going among the professional designers as a result, the search engines are flooded with brilliant responsive web design.  Every web design is diverse from each other and has special impact on viewers and customers.

In this mobile savvy world the professionals understand the use and importance of diverse platform and accordingly they design the website to give desired experience to customers.  To provide exemplary experience to customers, the professionals are designing website with some important factors such as follows:

Focus on simple look: It is necessary for professionals to design the website in simple and synchronized manner rather than cluttered with content and images. Professionals must use HTML5 doc-type and guidelines, a reset style-sheet, a semantic core layout, simple techniques for critical elements etc.

Use media queries: To make a responsive website design it is essential for you to have accurate measurement for diverse platform which include: mobile phone, iPad and desktop.  The size of media is important while designing the website.

Make flexible layout: Flexible layout for Responsive Web Design is must for designers as the flexible design automatically adjusts and fits into the device, the user is using.  Fluid layout is the best way to get ready for any kind of screen sizes.

Make your picture behave: Your pictures of website must behave in the way user want it. The simple and responsive style can make pictures fluid too. Simply adjust the width, 100% width: image {width: 100%}.

Eliminate non-essential content: The designers must eliminate the non-essential content from the website as it unnecessary increases the loading time of the website. Eliminating waste content not only helps your website to quickly get open on any device, but it even helps you to have simple and sober concept which eventually attracts customers.

Professionals must keep all these important aspects in mind to design a perfect RWD for your customers. Although there are few more points necessary to implement but, these are above all so, focus on these points while designing the website and get the optimum result. One can get the exact difference between general Website Design and responsive design.

Responsive Web Design: A Closer Look

September 13th, 2013

Responsive Web DesignIn epoch time of smartphone and tablets we are lucky to see the changing phase of internet. The emergence of high-tech smartphones, iphone, ipad and tablet has totally changed the ratio of PC’s and laptop’s purchase.  As these high-tech gadgets are enough capable to perform the same tasks as PC’s and laptop does therefore the demand of handheld devices has increased and use of PC’s and laptop is decreasing day by day.

People with this changing phase are more likely to use their smart gadgets rather than PC’s and Laptop as they find it more convenient. People are engaging more and more with newly designed handheld gadgets as they can even access internet and their favorite websites on it. By looking at the demand and scenario of these devices, the business experts are quite concerned over their websites.

They want their general website to be responsive so that their clients or visitors can access their website even on their smartphones, tablets and many more devices. As a result the “Responsive web design” is in lime light and its demand is very high. You can even say responsive web design has become the requirement of every website owner.

A responsive web design is a blend of layout and coding done in such a way that the website offers an optimal viewing experience to the viewer. It eases the reading and navigation of website with minimum use of resizing, panning, and scrolling. It is compatible to access on wide range of devices including, mobile, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop and Monitors. Responsive websites are made more sophisticated in use.

Benefits of Responsive web design:

Usability: The chief benefit of responsive design is its flexibility as it is easy to access on different screens.

Easy to maintain: As there is only one website for desktop, mobiles, tablets etc so it becomes easy to maintain rather than updating all versions differently.  It is even easy to add a new web page, editing content etc for all versions at the same time.

SEO: Instead of building links and optimizing content for multiple sites, responsive design creates a single model that is simple to update and optimized for all devices, which offers a better seo on the website.

Boost sales: Easy and convenient access to the website through the handy devices enable customers to often visit the site anytime, which boosts the sale nicely.

Responsive web design have become must for all because of these reasons and in upcoming years we will see some more innovation and features in this new website design. Despite of some good things in responsive design there are some hiccups with it.