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VAMS Canada: An Excelling Website Set Up by Sonitek Canada

March 18th, 2015


VAMS CANADA Web Design by Sonitek

VAMS Canada is a prominent importer, wholesaler & distributor in Canada, United States and the Caribbean islands.  The company sells high-quality garments, such as belts, socks, shirts, t-shirts, tops, sports coats, etc.  They provide private labeled garments, corporate attires and related products for resale in the market.  It also provides its own line of clothing.


The company is committed to providing high quality products in the market. It is also engaged in finding innovative strategies for the industry.  The company is acclaimed for its customer-centric policies.


Sonitek is proud to be associated with this E-commerce venture and help this reputed company accomplish its goals. Our developers have done a great job in creating a simplistic yet impactful layout. Our Web Design Services in Toronto is known for creating such terrific designs. You should check out more screen shots of this site.