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Creative Website Design Examples – Brand Must Deliver Great User Experience

January 27th, 2012

Every Brands need visibility. Visibility at TV, Search Engine, News paper, Billboard , Events, in short everywhere. If your CEO decide to improve brand awareness of company with the help of Website then you must need to understand the importance of SEO for long term benefits. Seeing the website through the prism of SEO require lots of study. You will need to understand -

Why your competitors are enjoying top position on search engine ?
What are the core website design elements help you to persuade visitors ?
How website can create conspicuous consumer experience ?
How to find unseen business prospects ?
How to target & continuously expand consumer base through website ?

To find answers of these question, you will have to follow path of – Analyse, Strategy Planning, Convincing You Boss or clients. Now we try to find answer of question through analyzing success website :

1. We Choose The Moon ( )

Do you want to go to moon ? Then open this website, sit into rocket, click on launch button. So simple.

A website whose domain, flash animation, punchline, presentation – everything closely match with each other. Every Visitor will feel excitement, and don’t leave website without admiring the website. This Website is the perfect example of How to use flash animation present whole message in a more entertaining and vivid way using flash animation.

2.  Smashing Magazine ( )

I believe every intelligent & experience Website Designer aware about Smashing Magazine. This website is use as a great resource to learn different aspects of website design, development & also SEO. Website has a very search engine friendly design. I appreciate this Website because it have features – Search Engine Friendly Navigation, SEO-friendly URLs, optimize images to achieve faster loading times, great & unique content, use social media tools effectively, create links using link-baiting i.e great example for every SEO guy.

3. Water Life ( )

Website wants to share a story – Story of The Last Great Supply of Fresh Drinking water
of Earth. It’s not a fairy tale story or bedtime story.

Website use blue color of water with black in a balanced way. Visitor wants to lost into water world. Moving water create a very realistic ecosystem. Creativity, Imagination, Great, Mind-blowing words popup into my mind.

Tips – If you are fan of animation movie, films & want to get know more about Canadian documentary, animation and

Fiction then enter into room of National Film Board of Canada after tying on your browser