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Top 5 Responsive Website For 2014 From Sonitek International Portfolio

February 3rd, 2014

Responsive website design (RWD) is a new way of website designing in which user can access the same site on different devices in the same look. The responsive website design responses to the devices, adapting the resolution of the type and size of device it is being displayed on. It provides optimal viewing on all kinds of screens, including mobile, tablet, computer, laptop, Smartphone, kindle and many other devices as well. User gets diverse kinds of experiences on each of these devices which certainly increase the interest of the user.

Responsive website design is a blend of numbers of benefits which include:

  • Boost search engine ranking on Google
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easier analysis and tracking report
  • Brilliant user experience

Among these benefits, conversion rate is quite important for business thus, have a look how RWD is increasing conversion rates of the website.

Conversion Rate: RWD enables the user to view and navigate the website on diverse kinds of devices which keeps the user connected with the brand every time. When people continuously visit or access the website from various devices, then it certainly increases the sale that boosts conversion rate.

We at Sonitek have high conversion rated websites which include:


Each of these websites has earned huge name and fame in the Responsive Website Design industry as well as in their own field.

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