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Sonitek – Top Flash Website Design Examples – Probably Best Interactive Flash Website Designs Inspire Big Brands & Me

March 20th, 2012

Flash website are consider as SEO Unfriendly but lots of companies don’t care Flash cons. They impress unknown website visitor, Company’s share holder, friends by interactive flash.

Today lots of brands are recognized by their unique Ad campaigns theme. This theme reflect into their videos posted on YouTube, Billboard Ads, Radio Ads, Print Ads & also on website. Creative heads & Marketing head start considering Interactive website an integral part of Brand Promotional activity. Interactive Flash website with Interactive Utilities like Widgets, Facebook Applications, Online Games, Flip Brochures increase Brand awareness many folds. Bring brands to life using inspiration, unique, eye-caching, interactive flash website which Brands in information dissemination, brand building, increase purchase intent & more benefits.

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Great Downloading Icon – Thundering Cloud with Reducing Number
  • Give reason to stay more time using a great storyline – Guy ( without complete face) Comes & goes
  • Entertain visitor with Funny Character – Funny, Playing guys
  • Use simple words to create great punchline – WE CREATE HOT/SEXY/COOL/FANCY WEB SITES
  • Always shows your latest Projects – New Stuff

2. : If you get responsibility to promote Upcoming Movie & confuse where to start. I give you one hint. Go to this website & observe it from marketing & promotion perspective.

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Welcome your visitor with Great Flash Animation showing different best shots of film
  • Create simple Game application with Movie Character
  • Always Give high priority to Social Network – Like us on Facebook
  • Give introduction of Your character

3. : A impressive Portfolio presentation on Home page by a Creative Digital Agency.

Flash Website Design Examples

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Welcome Visitor with clutter-free design using Short company intro
  • Scroll vertically – Get to Know Creative Digital Agency’s Achievement, Campaigns
  • Great Presentation of Portfolio – Background theme close to Brand, Complete Campaign Execution Story
  • Convey Success Story using Right Balance of Art, Graphic Design & Web Typography

4. – A creative design and development office think out of box then what happen. See it by visiting this website. You will definitely appreciate creative agency work like

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Colorful Flash Loading Icon – Visitor Stay Here
  • Moving Back And Forward Without clicking on any Buttons‎
  • Flip the book to navigate. Impressive 3D-effects.


Marc Ecko believes in breaking the boundaries of conventional wisdom. I also believes on it after seeing Air Force One Video, reading Fight for Your Rights, Unlimited Justice . Whole website revolves around Marc Ecko personality, passion, works. Website is one of the best example to show many sides of personality in elegant way. In 2008, This website was nominated for 2 Webby Awards and also was an Official Honoree in a third category.

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Whole website shift position with mouse movement.
  • Use Black-white Photographs as it have inherent dignity.
  • Show Self-Portrait on Home page in different angle.
  • Use beautiful Frame on Photographs to improve its beauty.

Modern, innovative presentation of Cloth. No website can fill the gap between Website & TV ADs impact. Right ! No you’re wrong. Visit this website, you will change your hypothesis. Excellent example of Leisure and lifestyle brand marketing. Whole websites spread the main message of Wrangler : We Are Animals

Flash Website Design Examples

  • Touch Visitor feeling with realistic video.
  • Use HD Videos & SOUND to with ON/OFF option.
  • Use Drag-and-Drop Interactions to simulate the Real world experiences & improve interaction.
  • Create Cinematic Visual Effects Environment.
  • WE ARE ANIMALS – Use controversial statement to gain initial attention & never lose that attention using Great video footage.

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  • Audrey says on: March 22, 2012 at 9:08 am


    Flash website
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  • Camille says on: March 22, 2012 at 9:18 am


    Flash Website change the thinking of my existing clients. Now they take our advice more seriously Want to see Amazing Flash websites. Then Visit & Feel are,

  • Jonathan says on: March 22, 2012 at 9:34 am


    Feel Movie Experience on websites ( Tips :
    Click on Tida Dome ) , , . How to show video clip on website ? Know it with these websites. & I like most ( Click on Launch Site). It give me experience of life beneath the surface. Creative, Amazing, Unique concept of each website.

  • Miguel says on: March 22, 2012 at 12:27 pm


    How can you miss Dave Werner’s creative design portfolio & . Both are excellent example of Best Interactive Flash Website Designs.

  • Eve says on: March 22, 2012 at 12:53 pm


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