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Top Mobile Marketing Campaigns – Big Brand Mobile Website Apps Campaign Case Study

May 3rd, 2012

Entire digital marketing world is booming, on the back of cutting-age ideas, tailored made Digital marketing campaigns. Now Mobile Marketing channel become more important into multichannel strategy.  Great number of local small & medium businesses start using mobile advertising as a cost-effective advertising channel. Why ? Simple Answer – Adoption of smartphone & tablet going up & up.

Think – What fascinates your Consumers ? What Can surprise them ? What campaign can inject Your message into People which last forever ? How to integrate your existing campaign ( SEO, PPC, SMM , Traditional Marketing Campaign or other ) with Mobile Marketing Campaign ?

Mobile Marketing – What Marketing Research Companies says

eMarketer study (Dec 2011) says – Mobile usage increase dramatically increase to 65 Minutes/Day while usage of traditional ad medium – Newspaper, Magazine Drop to 44 Minutes/Day.  According to research from famous Digital marketing solution provider IgnitionOne – US Mobile Search Advertising jump 221% in 2012 Q1. These news surprise lots of our’s clients but not me. Some clients accept the power of mobile platform. They are planning to launch Mobile friendly website & after that they will focus on mobile search ads. So the time comes when Each Company need to stop “Completely relies” on Outdated Approach – Traditional Marketing

Mobile Platform is Engaging, Entertaining, Exciting channel.

Mobile gives your company power to connect with Target customers. You will find better response & more value for money people then any other medium – Newspaper Ad, Magazine Ad, TV Ad, Radio Ad & others. Interactive time is high. Its too difficult to ignore. Remember Mobile Phone is personal device.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns – New Decade – New Ideas

Your Company or Your Clients are planning to launch Mobile Marketing campaigns like famous big brand campaigns. Feeling Nervous . Don’t know where to start ?. Then Believe on the outcome of Successful Mobile Marketing campaign & follow them. So simple !

Mobile Marketing Case Study : Success Stories Inspire Every Mobile Marketers - Your in-depth marketing research & study old successful mobile marketing case study help you to create successful Marketing strategy & understand power of real power of different marketing techniques.

1. Interaction rates within the mobile expandable banners were 5 times higher than for in-app placements due to behavioral targeting ( great marketing strategy ) – Intel’s Rich Mobile Banner Ads

2. Mobile Website is much more valuable then Mobile App. 91% YOY up in mobile search revenues & 20 % traffic up to company’s mobile site. – InterContinental Hotels Group

Flash Website Design Examples

Read more at Case study InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

What we learn – User friendly Mobile Website is Powerful Tool to improve profit of company.

1. Forward Visitor to mobile website when they use mobile platform
2. Use Single column layouts – most famous mobile website layout
3. Use Important & low content
4. Easy to Use Navigation structure
5. Allow Scroll in only one Direction
6. Design optimized for both Touch screen & non-touchscreen mobile owners

3. Just 12 Days of campaign on Christmas can increase sales/dealership traffic/ mobile club membership. Mobile Marketing campaign encouraged consumers to send SMS -RT66 to 55678 to get discount – Route 66 Harley-Davidson SMS Campaign

1. Christmas – Find Low Sale time-frame,  Choose Holiday season in between
2. SMS Marketing Channel for Target customers – Choose New Gen. Marketing Channel for New Gen.
2. Start campaign through in-store & Social Media Marketing – Adopt Integrate Marketing Strategy
3. Create Memebers list – Special “Members Only”
4. Send Discount Alerts with text opt-in program – Special Discount for Special People
5. 250% on T-shirts, 16% sales jump on Helmets & Leather Jacket – Track

What we learn – SMS Marketing of Special Discount on festive Season can jump business’ sales if target “Right” consumers.

Read More : Mobile Marketing Campaign help Harley-Davidson to increase Dealership Dramatically

4. Permission-based service helps Nike to connect with people who have opted in to receive messages in English & Arabic to Male & Female subscribers & achieve high response rate which lead by Young People (18 -24 Age). Nike got success to attract Common People & Shopaholic to their store in Dubai Festival City – Nike Mobile Marketing

1. Separate campaigns message for English & Arabic – Deliver Message in Consumer language
2. Permission-based message have high open rate – Deliver Message only to those who really Interest to know about Your Product
3. Launch just before a holiday weekend – Choose Right Time

Latest Nike Campaign – Nike Free Run+. Run Stronger Campaign with Romantic Music


5. Mobile Campaign was successfully create more then 11 Million Engagements. Carling Black Label “Be the Coach” – an interactive Mobile Campaign used Mobile Techs – USSD, SMS and Interactive Voice Recording to leverage Fans’ Emotions.  Winner – Best Mobile Advertising & Marketing Campaign at Gsma Global Mobile Marketing Awards 2012

6. Google mobile ads targeted at iPads Mobile Platform had 30% higher conversion rate & 10% higher orders value than Desktops/Laptops Platform. – Result of Sweetwater Sound Inc ‘s Mobile Ads targeted at iPads

What we learn – Target iPad Mobile Platform withing Google Adwords’ s Device Platform option to enjoy greater conversion rate benefits.

7. How can You use Interactive game with Mobile Phone to promote Your Brand ? Use IVR-based “mobile joy stick” system ( Use Mobile Phone keys as joysticks ) which allow multiplayers to control the on screen characters. Mind-blowing Idea.  Cornetto ( Unilever’s popular ice cream brand) launched outdoor, multi-player, mobile enabled game with True interactivity in Mind.

Winner -  Best Mobile Advertising & Marketing Campaign at the GSMA GLOBAL MOBILE MARKETING AWARDS 2011


8. Juniper launched Eco-friendly Event marketing campaign using innovative, rule-breaking marketing strategy. Believes or not - Entire Event conference was served through content accessed by scanning QR codes. Here QR code change the Game Rule .

Read more at Juniper Networks’ QR code event strategy leads to paperless conference

Facts about Mobile Marketing With QR Codes
. 46% of smartphone owners have scanned a QR code or barcode on a product, sign, or shelf label – The Future of In-Aisle Mobile
. Half of U.S. smartphone owners have scanned a QR code - Chadwick Martin Bailey
. 66% of all QR code scans on the Scanvee platform come from Apple’s iOS platform, 25% from Android devices and 8% from RIM’s Blackberry – Scanvee

9. Starbucks’ Mobile App payments strategy continues to gain steam.

No mobile marketer can ignore Starbuck Brand who launch mobile payments app January 2011. Now Latest data says, Starbucks reaches 42M mobile payment transactions as popularity of STARBUCKS CARD MOBILE APP increasing everyday.

Starbucks Cup Magic App on festival occasion help Brand to surprise their customers & also give smile on their face. This app allows you to send virtual messages, gifts to your friends or relatives.It also help Brand to create Great Buzz.

10. McDonald successfully grab attention of Swedan people with Pick ‘N Play. This Game application become an True example of Interactive and engaging marketing by combining billboard advertisement with mobile marketing. McDonald encourage lots of advertiser to create interactive game & convert billboard into outdoor mobile game platform.

1. Create Simple Game  – People Love Mobile Game
2. Integrate Interactive Billboard Campaign with Mobile Phone – Billboard grab attention & Mobile Phone to sustain it
3. No need to Download Game app ( ) – People walking on roads have no passion
4. Change billboard into Personal Game Monitor
5. Complete Game in 30 seconds & win free food coupons – People love challenges

That’s why McDonald customers says I’ m loving it.

Above Mobile Marketing Campaign help you to understand – Why only few marketers taste the success while others fails.

Focus on Target Customers Interest then on Upper Management like-dislike

Right now your client, your company need to adopt a aggressive mobile marketing strategy & improving visibility on mobile platform before it too late. My suggestion – Integrate Mobile Marketing can easily integrate with with your other existing marketing channel – TV Ad, Outdoor Advertising, Print Ads

For More Tips about Mobile Marketing Campaigns :

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  • Madison says on: May 3, 2012 at 11:52 am


    My Top Mobile Marketing Campaigns are :

    Lynx – Complete the ad – A great campaign targeting to male by combining Print Ad. with Mobile
    Volkwagen launch augmented-reality campaign which combine print with mobile & offer people to enable virtual test drives. Great example of combining an augmented reality app. with magazine ads.

  • Noah says on: May 3, 2012 at 11:58 am


    Great article. Now revenue on Mobile commerce websites increase a lot. People like to do shopping on their smartphone. Amazing fact :

    Steve Madden’s mobile website increase sales to $521,000 in 6 months.
    Marks & Spencer’s ( ) m-commerce website successfully comply all useability standards & also top-rated mobile site by eDigital Research.

  • Lauren says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:00 pm


    Your Examples are great. But the Mobile marketing campaign which is close to my heart is – Motorola’s Say Goodbye campaign. My brother was in Japan & felt great to see his Goodbay message on Big screen at airport.

  • Caroline says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:03 pm


    Your writing skill amaze me . If you want to ensure success of your mobile marketing campaign, then Launch it with other Online or Offline Marketing platform. Popular pair of Integrated Marketing Campaign – Combination of Billboard Advertisement with Mobile, Print Ads with Mobile & Social Media Campaign with Mobile are most popular.

  • Hadley says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:13 pm


    QR Code benefits surprise my Boss. Now Use of QR Codes into Marketing Campaign increasing each day. Future for QR Code marketing is great.

    Well everyone sharing their favorite marketing campaign example then why i left behind.
    My Favorite Mobile Marketing campaign is :
    Heineken’s QR Codes marketing campaign ( ) is excellent example of it.

  • Oliver says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:31 pm


    “Innovation” is Biggest aspects of successful mobile marketing campaigns. Be stand out with your idea, presentation, integration of diff. tech.

  • Jason says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:40 pm


    Analytic shows – traffic from mobile platform improving each month. Most of Mobile traffic improvements seeing at US, Canada, UK, Brazil countries.

  • Jason says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:41 pm


    Completely awesome. Great info. Now people really spend time on my website. Usage of mobile phone for accessing internet increasing & also addiction of smartphone dramatically improve so i believe mobile traffic improve a lot in upcoming months.

  • Adrian says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:42 pm


    Demand of Mobile marketing increasing every day. Now my clients want to know more scope, advantage of mobile campaigns.

  • Jace says on: May 3, 2012 at 12:44 pm


    If you planning to create m-commerce website for Your Brand or clients then read