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Web Design Trend Changed with Advent of HTML5

September 6th, 2013

Web Design with HTML5

HTML5 is constantly bringing new changes in web designing by various features which include responsive, secure, interactive, fast, and attractive. With the use HTML5 designers can create attractive website by using realistic compositions along with shadows, reflections, rich textures, lighting, graphical API, rich audio and low-latency networking. With these impressive features designers can produce an ultimate website. Let’s see some of the important features of HTML5 that offers nice experience of designers.

Reduce External Plugins

Professionals need not to use external plugins like Flash, HTML, CSS, DOM and Javascript as HTML5 fulfill the entire requirement. As long as the internet users keep their browsers updated they won’t be affected by the use of HTML5.

Error Handling

HTML5 have a strict parsing and lexing feature that handles any kind of error in HTML code. It saves a lot of time while debugging a webpage as it is being developed or updated.

Video and Audio new feature of HTML5

The new feature of HTML5 is that it support video and audio. The advance tags of audio and video enable designer to make the website alive.


In multimedia feature no third party like Adobe flash player is required to run audio and video as it is inbuilt in HTML5. It will be done using simple

The emergence of these features has taken designing task up to a standard which grooms the skills of designers and make them capable enough to bring interactive and eye-catching websites along with user-friendly functioning. Now designers have number of choices to do experiments and bring responsive, authentic and easy to use website for customers.

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