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Why is Xamarin One of the Best Cross Platform Tools in the Industry?

February 17th, 2016

Mobile apps development is a complicated process.  Businesses are often confused between native apps and cross platforms.  We also believe that choosing the right platform is a difficult task.  But, it seems that cross platform applications are more popular than native apps.  This has made cross platforms popular among mobile apps developers.

These tools reduce development and testing time. Hence, they help in saving money and other resources. One such popular tool is Xamarin. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of this amazing tool in detail.

Native Design

The first benefit is support for native design. This tool supports code completion in C#. Hence, native UI and performance can be maintained with ease. Code sharing is also very easy with Xamarin, which reduces the duration of development cycle.

App logic

Xamarin make it easy to share the app logic. In fact, developers can reuse the three-fourth of the complete code. Some examples include user interface layer, input validation, etc.  This is great for developers who have to spend time on development.  Even bugs are less likely to emerge in such code settings.

Real Time Testing

Developers can test apps in real time. Xamarin allows testing through TestCloud. Moreover, testing can be done on numerous devices. TestCloud also offers immediate results.


This tool has an amazing binding technology. Hence, developers can share the code with the help of portable class libraries.

So, Xamarin is the preferred choice of millions of mobile apps developers.  The plethora of amazing features makes it one of the most popular cross platform tools. If you also want to develop apps, contact our experts. We will help you get the best services within your budget.

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