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RFID NFC Applications

RFID Solutions for Businesses

Sonitek International RFID solutions can help you track movement of electronics goods, automotive parts, packages, livestock, and much more. No matter what your exact needs are, we guarantee a new level of efficiency for your business. And with our rigorous, globally uniform standards, you get the best possible RFID solutions to manage your critical assets.

Our innovative RFID solutions will provide precise, real time information about your products. So, you can effortlessly identify assets, track tags and analyze their performance. RFID tags can be identified at distances of several feet, which make them incredibly efficient and easy-to-use. RFID technology will also ensure enhanced inventory visibility, real-time tracking, automated system and improved security for your products.

NFC Solutions for Businesses

Sonitek International offers innovative Near Field Communication solutions for businesses across different industries. We provide custom NFC solutions that suit your specific business requirements. We have a team of experienced designers, engineers and consultants to help your business with NFC deployment. NFC technology opens up a new world of opportunities for businesses. It offers the best in operational efficiency, convenience and productivity.

We address a rich and highly diversified client base in North America and South Asia. Our client-centric approach gives us the capability to respond with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. For further assistance about RFD and NFC solutions, contact our experts.

Search Engine Optimization

Searching for a reliable search engine optimization service provider? Look no further than us. We are a leading SEO services in Canada. We help businesses attract new customers and grow their reach online. We help clients accomplish success through a plethora of techniques, and help them earn trust and brand recognition.